Bench Grinders, Tool Must Have For Woodworking Professionals And Beginners


Are you a woodworking beginners or professional? Did you really know the full potential of bench grinders? Discover here why bench grinders is a tool must have for woodworking professionals and beginners alike.

It wouldn’t be a big surprise to think of a bench grinder as a tool used to grind benches, considering the tool’s name.

It actually isn’t.

Also known as a pedestal grinder, and it still isn’t a tool for grinding pedestals, a bench grinder is basically a machine which drives an abrasive wheel, or set of wheels, geared for various jobs.

In the realm of woodworking, tasks like sanding woodpieces is easy with the aid of bench grinders. The sharpening of woodwork cutting tools, like drill bits, lathe tools and mortisers can also be easily achieved, as bench grinders aren’t exactly limited for wood use only.

Bench grinders are called as such because of the item’s stationary nature. It isn’t hand held, which means that the material in question is what the operator “feeds” and manipulates to from through contact with the grinding wheel. Picture an abrasive wheel powered by an adjacent motor, and you would have a clear idea of how a bench grinder works, let alone what it could be possibly used for.

Bench grinders can be fitted with various grades of grinding wheels, and often come packaged in sets with the purchase of the bench grinder itself. The grade types determine the jobs the device is capable of doing, which is basically anything which involves an abrasive touch.

Higher grade grinding wheels may be used to shape rough metal prior to fitting or welding needs. These higher grade grinding wheels also “convert” bench grinders into sharpeners for tools. Saw blades, chisels, drill bits, mortisers and other cutting tools would greatly benefit from this. Finer grade grinding wheels or buffering wheels “convert” bench grinders into polishers, capable of polishing materials like metal, wood and plastic.

Due to the “open nature of operation” when it comes to bench grinders, safety is quite an issue when it comes to using them. Safety glasses or goggles come highly advised when using a bench grinder, as metal fillings, wood bits and/or sparks resulting from the abrasion operation could damage one’s eyes.

Care should also be considered when it comes to using the type of grinding wheel for the type of material to be grinded upon. Disc mounted wire brushes, geared for buffering, for example, require particular safety attention as the metal wires on the disc could become dangerous projectiles for the bench grinder’s operator and everyone within the area, should they be used on incompatible material.

Most of all, a bench grinder has to be securely mounted to a stable structure, like a pillar or bench, and should be rigged with an emergency stop switch.

As a multifunctional tool, bench grinders truly shine. They’re not simply limited for wood use, and aren’t simply limited to grinding jobs.

A truly must have for woodworking professionals and amateurs alike.

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