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Festool Domino Jointer, The Step to Flawless Domino Joint Making

Festool Domino Jointer

Hey wood workers, l have for you today an article about one of my favorite woodworking tool, festool domino jointer. Checkout this expert tips about the step to flawless domino joint making. In the realm of woodworking, a “domino” is used to affix mortised pieces of wood together. Though it is properly known as a loose tenon, a domino joint is similar to a biscuit joint, and can be often found utilized in the joints of chairs, […]

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Techniques in Sharpening Chisels and Shop Knives

Chisels and Shop Knives

Some of the basic but most useful tools in woodworking are chisels and shop knives. Chisels are used to carve and gouge wood. Similarly, knives are used to cut or carve larger chunks of wood. Learn here the Techniques in Sharpening Chisels and Shop Knives. The accuracy and safety of chisels and shop knives rest on how sharp they are. Therefore it is important to keep their cutting edges sharp. This can be achieved using proper sharpening techniques. […]

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Chain Saw, Expert Tips and Tricks You Should Know

chain saws

The chain saw is perhaps the most popular breed of power tool, familiar to any household in the world. However it could be lethal if handled wrongly. Learn here the expert tips and tricks about how to use to use it correctly. In a nutshell, a chain saw is basically a motorized saw. It’s most common utilization can be found in logging activities, where bucking and felling trees and branches are needed. Due to its “portable” nature, […]

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Clever Ways to Use Clamps In Woodworking Projects


Clamps are fastening devices, aimed to secure objects together. In the realm of woodworking, they are quite useful in tightly holding pieces of wood, preventing unwanted movement. Discover here clever ways to use clamps in woodworking projects. Clamps are oftentimes used to hold wood pieces, as other operations on the wood piece is done. Drilling and sawing are among the woodworking excursions a clamp “supports”, as the said operations require the wood piece to be securely steady. […]

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Expert Guide to Using Biscuit Joiners in Woodworking

biscuit joiners

Another awesome post which l’m glad to bring to guys (woodworkers). This particular post is quite interesting, is an expert guide to using biscuit joiners in woodworking. An eye opener l must say. When it comes to woodworking, joining two separate pieces of wood doesn’t always involve a nail and a hammer. Wood orientation, rust and leak related issues, as well as aesthetic values of design has seen to this, and has made woodworkers employ alternative methods […]

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