Essential Considerations in Formulating a Good Dog House Plans


Are you thinking of building a house for your dog? Discover here the essential considerations in formulating a good dog house plans for your pet.

Millions of people keep dogs as pets. However, many disdain the thought of dogs sleeping in their own homes. Quite often, dogs are messy, smelly and noisy. They shed a lot of hair, they pee or defecate anywhere, and they can ruin the furniture.

To avoid these problems, many owners buy or build dog houses for their pets. While this may seem easy, there are a lot of things to consider. In other words, the owner should have a good dog house plan if he decides to have one.

The first step in making a dog house plan is to measure the dog. This is critical. Using a tape measure, take note of the dimensions of the dog when he is standing up and when he is sitting down. Lastly, measurements should be taken when he is in his most comfortable, relaxed and stretched position. The dog house should be able to accommodate the dog in this position.

The next step of making a dog house plan is to determine the size of the entrance. The dog should be able to get in and out of the dog house without significantly stooping over. In fact, the entrance should be high enough so that he can look out from the entrance while sitting and standing.

Most likely, the dog house will be placed outside. Placing the dog house in a shady area will make it cooler for the dog. However, as the shade may not be cool enough, it is important to incorporate a ceiling when making a dog house plans. A ceiling would deflect internal heat back to the roof, making the interior cooler. It would also be good to incorporate heat escape vents in the plan.

When incorporating the roof in the dog house plan, it is a good idea to let the roof overhang a few inches from the wall for a water run-off. This will keep the interior dry when it rains.

For the floor, the walls and the framework, it is a good idea to make use of wood. It is cooler, easier to work with, and more aesthetically beautiful than all other materials. It is also lighter, which means the owner can carry the dog house to another location relatively easily. The wood should be waterproof and treated for termite protection.

Once these functional requirements are included in the plan, the owner can now design the dog house in any way he or she wants. While some would like a classic, simple look of a Snoopy doghouse, many would like to add some style for the dog houses. For example, a unique dog house may feature a fake fireplace. The walls may have elaborate windows. Owners can try to check the internet or pet magazines for ideas.

Planning a good dog house is time consuming and takes a lot of thinking. But this is necessary. After all, the owner is making a home for a beloved family member.

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