Festool Domino Jointer, The Step to Flawless Domino Joint Making


Hey wood workers, l have for you today an article about one of my favorite woodworking tool, festool domino jointer. Checkout this expert tips about the step to flawless domino joint making.

In the realm of woodworking, a “domino” is used to affix mortised pieces of wood together. Though it is properly known as a loose tenon, a domino joint is similar to a biscuit joint, and can be often found utilized in the joints of chairs, benches, and tables.

Affixing two mortised pieces leaves a clean finish on joined pieces of wood, requiring a certain look as per with the woodwork’s overall design. A stable joint is also the end product in using domino joints. Aesthetic elements of design, as well as the need for strength and stability, practically determine the need for the utilization of domino joints.

A domino jointer makes the making of domino joints easy, accurate and fast. Festool, a power tool brand founded in 1925, is the standard bearer when it comes to domino jointers. With a long history of producing quality power tools, Festools domino jointer has revolutionized domino jointer tools, utilizing simple indexing procedures, adjustable sizing capabilities and a patented mortising method.

Festool domino joiner DF500 assures the flawless creation of mortises for domino joints. With a cutter spindle running at 23,400 RPM’s, the power tool’s 420 watt motor works fast, maximizing woodworking efficiency. The domino jointer, as part of the tool’s measurement indexing function, comes with retractable stop pins, which are useful in precisely positioning the initial domino tenon on both workpieces in need of jointing.

Accurate mortising utilizing the device’s viewing window is a major feature of the tool, as well as simultaneous oscillating and turning movements, reducing kickback effects.

The domino jointer comes packaged with the DF500 power tool itself, D5 Cutter, a support bracket, a wrench, and an empty Systainer.

There are other package brackets, which come as options for specific needs for specific users.

Package B of festool domino jointer includes all the sizes of domino cutters and tenons. A D10 Cutter, a D8 Cutter, a D6 Cutter, a D5 cutter, as well as 85 – 10 mm x50mm dominos, 130 – 8mm x 50 mm dominos, 190 – 6mm x 40 mm dominos and 600 – 5mm x 30mm dominos are included in the package, popularly known as the Domino and Cutter Assortment Systainer package.

Package C, popularly called the Domino Cross Stop Set package, features an auxiliary fence, which facilitates multiple mortise woodwork excursions. The add-on is built for “repeat hole” spacing between 100mm and 205 mm intervals.

The Domino Trip Stop, package D, features an add on Trip Stop Guide which is useful when it comes to small, detailed woodwork applications. The Trip Stop is geared to work with materials which are 22mm to 70mm in width.

Bottom line, whichever package one would pick, the making of domino jointing would be removed of hassle, with the use of Festool domino jointer.

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