Hand Held Power Tools Tips And Tricks of The Trade


In woodworking, hand held power tools are quite popular. However, with so many of them out there, their uses could daunting. Hence, we put together this hand held power tools tips and tricks of the trade post.

The development of modern society owes its foundations to tools. Since the Neolithic era, tools have aided man in hunting and building. From simple bone to metal, tools have evolved, along with society’s own growth, aiding man in hunting and building.

They have somewhat become the unsung heroes of the hallmarks of construction, and in art.

In these modern times, power tools have come to take the place of what were known as hand operated woodworking tools. It is common nowadays to find an electric powered saw, or an electric powered drill, in a woodworker’s woodshop.

Tools have indeed gone far from being simple pieces of bone. Though they’ve become more complicated, as the result of an amalgam between technology and practical purpose, their functional existence remains the same.

In the realm of woodworking, hand held power tools are quite popular. They provide efficient work flow, as well as work no different from the hand powered tools they’ve come to replace.

Nail Gun

A nail gun is basically a hammer hitting a nail in one. Suffice to say, they are simply hand held power tools geared for fast nail driving. They usually successfully work by compressed air, electromagnetism or small explosive charges. They are also known as bradders, pin nailers, for smaller nail guns, and brad nailers.

They have somewhat replaced hammers, and have become the hand held power tool of choice among builders.

Hand Held Power Drill

As a drill is basically a tool for boring holes, a Hand held Power Drill is simply a drill which is powered by an electric, or gas, motor. A rotating drill bit is pretty much the integral aspect of a hand powered or hand held power drill. As the rotating drill bit is pressed against a woodpiece, the tip of the drill bit shaves off bits and pieces of the wood, thus creating a hole. As hand held power tools, hand held power drills are quite popular.

Electric Sanders

Electric sanders are quite useful hand held power tools. Geared to make sanding procedures fast, they also assure a consistent sanding level, leaving woodpieces a smooth finish.

Being hand held devices, they can be used to sand curved areas of a woodpiece, as well as flat surfaces.

Electric Powered Jig Saws

Electric Powered Jig Saws are amazing hand held power tools. As a regular hand powered jig saw is used to cut woodpieces into various shapes, an electric powered jig saw yields the same result, only with lesser work for woodworkers.

They are quite popular, as they could be used to cut woodpieces in a straight, simple cut, or cut them into various shapes and sizes.

It is basically a jig saw, powered by a motor, making sawing fast, easy and accurate.

All in all, hand held power tools are not much different from regular hand driven tools. They still work the same way as their hand powered counterparts do, only faster.

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