Woodworking Benches Plans and Accessories Ideas


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A variety of woodworking tools exist to aid woodworkers in their projects, assuring accurate measurements, wood cuts and fine quality finishes. Oftentimes, the success of a project is highly dependent on the proper use of a tool, as well as with the decision of what tool to use for a particular woodworking excursion. Needless to say, the right tool for the right job yields the right result.

Where tools come as integral, woodworking benches and accessories are not really needed in successfully completing a woodworking project.

What woodworking benches and accessories provide is an avenue for a more organized workflow for woodworkers, which is something any woodworker would greatly benefit from, be he an amateur or a professional.

A variety of woodworking benches and accessories can be found in any woodworking shop. Some shops even sell diagrams and patters for making different benches and accessories, giving woodworkers a more personal involvement with their workshop.

The most common of woodworking benches and accessories sold, be they the actual items themselves or patterns or diagrams, are mostly geared to compliment the tools a woodworker works with. They are geared as workflow optimizers, and actually work successfully as such.

Adjustable Support Accessories

Designed to be mounted on a work bench, these devices are geared to aid jointers in cutting woodpieces, as well as joining the cut joints. They can also be used as clamps, as they do give a level of pressure when holding a piece of wood.

No exact design exists, though a standard clamping principle does, for Adjustable Support accessories. How they are mounted is truly dependent on the woodworker, as it is he who dictates and knows the ideal spot to mount the accessory.

Power Tool Mounting Block/Holder

The name of this woodworking accessory is enough to state just what it is for. Power Tool Mounting Blocks/Holders are basically devices which hold a power tool. Picture a holster for placing a power tool. As the operator needs both his hands to adjust a woodpiece, the Power Tool Mounting Block/Holster would prove to be useful.

As a part of the roster of benches and accessories in woodworking, Power Tool Mounting Blocks/Holsters are among the most commonly found.

Hand Tool Storage Rack

Accessories of this type are also among the most commonly found, as they provide easy access to one’s work tools. They could be positioned on top of a work bench, or under. Bottom line, they could be positioned wherever a woodworker would want them to be.

Just like Adjustable Support Accessories, there isn’t exactly a fixed design for Hand Tool Storage Racks, only a consistent principle fueling the concept behind them.

These are simply some of the most common of woodworking benches and accessories. Though they are not exactly required for the success of a woodworking project, they actually do enhance workflow, paving the way for a more organized work system.

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