Basic Woodworking Tools Must Have For Beginners Guide


Are you new to woodworking and yet to get acquainted with the tools you need? Learn here the woodworking tools must have for beginners to get started.

Woodworking is a labor intensive but interesting hobby and profession. As the name implies, the activity involves measuring, cutting, modifying and altering pieces of wood to be made into furniture and other things.

Many professional woodworkers have a variety of complex tools. However, for the neophyte or average woodworker, only a few basic woodworking tools are needed.

The first important basic woodworking tool is a workbench. Commercially available workbenches are nice because they have tool trays under the work area. You can keep some of your smaller tools in these trays to avoid cluttering your workspace.

The workbench should be solid and sturdy because it will be subject to a lot of stress. Also, the workbench should have places wherein vises and clamps can be attached. The workbench itself should be placed in a well lighted place and should always be clean.

The next set of woodworking tools that should be acquired are measuring equipment. The most important are a steel rule, a 25 foot tape measure, a square and friction point calipers.

For basic woodworking, you wound need some hand tools. For cutting wood, you would need a few kinds of saws. A crosscut saw is an absolute essential tool. It makes straight cuts perpendicular through the grain of almost any type of wood. You would also need a coping saw. This kind of saw can cut curves and intricate through wood. To cut metal such as protruding nails, a hacksaw is needed.

Chisels, which are used to carve through wood, are also essential woodworking tools. Buy a set that has 1/8, ¼, ½ and ¾ blades. All chisels should be driven with a rubber or wooden mallet. Hitting it with a normal hammer will damage the chisel handle.

One cannot even start woodworking without a hammer. Hammers are used to drive nails through the wood. Be sure to buy one with a claw, which is used to extract nails from the wood.

You will need some simple woodworking tools to shave and smooth wood. A block plane is perfect for this purpose. For general smoothing, sandpaper will do the trick. Be sure to buy various grains of sandpaper.

Another woodworking tool that is indispensable is a drill. This is used to make holes through wood. It is best to buy a portable, motorized drill. While it would be easier for you to drill holes through a motorized drill, this tool have a receptacle which enables you to change drill bits into screwdriver tips. When buying a drill, be sure to also buy an assortment of drill bits of varying sizes.

There are other woodworking tools that you might want to buy like vises, clamps, screwdrivers and other motorized equipment. For basic woodworking, the above tools are the only ones that are required.

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